A Goal without a Plan is a Wish We’ve all heard these words from the great French adventurer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery; “A goal without a plan is just a wish,” and that’s certainly true. And it’s usually about this time of year, after establishing some pretty lofty personal and professional goals that we begin to drift back to where we were before we established those lofty goals. So is it any wonder that we find ourselves in the same place again at the end of the year? No. One can …

Karla Lárraga
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  Happy Monday! This week’s round up features an interesting array of news articles from Inman News,  CultureMap Houston, SixFiveNation, the National Association of Realtors, the World Economic Forum and The Motley Fool. Whether you’re invested in real estate agent reviews on Zillow, staging or information to share with your buyers on the volatility of housing markets, there’s something for everyone to read, so make sure and share what articles resonated the most with you over on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Remember, feedback and ideas are always welcome – …

Karla Lárraga

Job gains accelerated in the final months of 2014. Nationwide, 2.95 million net new jobs were added to the economy over the 12-months to December. Texas is in the lead, falling second only to North Dakota. The takeaways? Texas is #2 in the country for new job growth Dallas & Houston are topping the charts for job growth with 4.4% growth and 4.2% growth respectively Take a look: It’s exciting to see the growth in our wonderful state – as we always say, Now is the time to pursue a …


  They are called “Digital Natives”, a term coined in 2001 by researcher Marc Prensky to describe people born after 1980 when social digital technologies such as Usenet and bulletin board systems came online. Digital Natives are characterized as having access to networked digital technologies and the skills to use those technologies. Major parts of their lives and daily activities are mediated by digital technologies: social interaction, friendships, civic activities and hobbies. A Digital Native has never known any other way of life and they are marketing products and serviceslike none …

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