They are called “Digital Natives”, a term coined in 2001 by researcher Marc Prensky to describe people born after 1980 when social digital technologies such as Usenet and bulletin board systems came online. Digital Natives are characterized as having access to networked digital technologies and the skills to use those technologies. Major parts of their lives and daily activities are mediated by digital technologies: social interaction, friendships, civic activities and hobbies. A Digital Native has never known any other way of life and they are marketing products and serviceslike none …

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App of the Month: OpenHomePro Our Rating:  Why:  OpenHomePro will help a real estate agent look professional, while efficiently managing the information and leads gained from their open houses. Cost: Free What OpenHomePro Does:  “#1 open house app for real estate agents! You will be up and running in minutes and be able to capture, download and action lead information faster than ever before. No more Mondays spent deciphering visitors’ handwriting and typing details into a spreadsheet or CRM. Get more leads, close more sales, increase your productivity with Open Home Pro! Key …


There are very few who have not heard this famous quotation from Robert Louis Stevenson; “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you sow.” And as reasonable as these words may be, most folks still focus on the harvest, rather than the sowing. Many writers have written countless thoughts throughout the ages and used the ‘seed’ as an analogy for growth, and rightfully so; from Seneca to Og Mandino, writers and philosophers have concluded that if one intends to reap a strong harvest, …

Karla Lárraga

It doesn’t matter the direction of the real estate market or the pushes and pulls of competing business priorities, you are in charge of staying on top of your game. As an agent, you must know your market as your reputation depends on having your finger on the pulse of the current market and expectations of the coming year(s). Click the image below to download your copy of Rita Santamaria’s ultimate resource for realtors, your “2015 Guide to Preparing a Personal Business Plan”.

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  Happy 2015 Team Champions and Best Wishes for a Healthy and Happy 2015 filled with many blessings!  2014 was here and now gone….I hope it was a special year for each of you filled with many great memories. 2014 was a smashing year for Champions School of Real Estate – Statewide….thank you to our team of incredible career counselors, managers, instructors, online gurus, designers, social media expert, HR Leader, our ACE Accountant, curriculum developers and our Founder and CEO – Rita! We have a lot of exciting plans for Champions …

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